Q. When should I book my airport pickup? 

A. It is advisable to book your airport pickup at least 72 hours prior to your travel time.

Q. What should I do if I am not able to book airport pickup?
A. If you are unable to book, chances are, we do not offer our services in the city that you have selected as your
destination. However, if you are facing any issues, please feel free to send us an email at
Info@luxurystudentservices.com or call 1-604-250-5969

Q. Do you offer drop off services as well?
A. We are offering both pickup and drop off services

Q. How will the Greeter see me upon my arrival ?
A. our greeter will be at the airport waiting for you, holding a big blue sign wearing a blue uniform. You can also
contact us at 604- 399-4186 for emergencies or concerns.

Q. Will I be charged for cancelling my airport booking?
A. Once a booking has been confirmed, a $40 booking administration cancellation fee will apply, if cancelled at
least 48 hours prior to the collection time. For any cancellations made within 24 hours of the collection time, no
refunds will be given. Bookings can be changed to an open-dated ticket, valid for 12 months from date of
change and will not incur a cancellation fee.

Q. How do I book my airport pickup or drop off?
A. Making your booking is simple. All you need is to provide us with your travel details such as pickup date,
time, and location. After we have received your payment, we will send your booking confirmation details via

Q. How much luggage am I allowed?
A. Please note the maximum luggage amount for each student is 1 large suitcase, 1 carry on and a handbag.

Q. Will I incur any extra charges if my plane is delayed or cancelled by the airline?
A. No, since we will be tracking your flight with the help of the details provided at the time of booking, we will be
aware of any delays or cancellations. A greeter will be dispatched to receive you according to the updated
landing time.

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We Are Still Operating 

Luxury student pick up services LTD continue to provide attentive and professional transport services  across Vancouver, with additional measures in place to ensure you get to your destination healthy and safe. 


We advise our Passengers to take the following precautions when travelling with us in relation to COVID 19. Our advice is based on the latest Canadian Government COVID-19 guidance under the BC’s Passenger  Transportation Board  

We advise you to not travel with us if you are feeling unwell or are exhibiting symptoms of  coronavirus (COVID-19)  We require the use of face masks whilst travelling where local laws mandate.

Our Drivers are instructed to sanitize all commonly-touched surfaces of their vehicles between  journeys; you may

however use your own disinfectant wipes for additional peace of mind

Use tissues to catch coughs and sneezes (over the mask) and dispose of them safely after exiting the vehicle

Maintain physical distance, limited number of students per row on each vehicle 

Use hand sanitizer when appropriate and avoid touching your face 


We advise our Drivers to take the following precautions when fulfilling Journeys in relation to COVID-19. 

Our advice is based on the latest Canadian Government COVID-19 guidance for the transport sector.

Drivers with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) should self-isolate and inform us as soon as  possible so we

can find a replacement driver in a timely manner

We require the use of face masks whilst travelling with us where local laws mandate

Allow good external ventilation of the vehicle by keeping the car windows open where possible  during trips 

You should clean your vehicle regularly by using gloves and standard cleaning products, making  sure to clean door

handles and other areas that passengers may touch

Ask permission before loading or unloading passenger luggage; cleaning your hands and/or  using disposable

gloves as necessary

Use tissues to catch coughs and sneezes (over the mask)and dispose of them hygienically after exiting the vehicle

Maintain physical distance with your Passenger, do not shake their hand to greet them and  advise they sit in the

back seat rather than in the front passenger seat

Wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face 

We aim to regularly update our advice and guidelines to ensure both our Passengers and Drivers  are as safe as possible and will revise this document to reflect changes to Canadian Government Guidelines that are made.